This unique and beautiful game will light the fire in the heart of every puzzle fan!

Sparky has been entrusted to bring light to the Crayon Castle before nightfall. The castle is packed with so many candles that without your help he will never make it in time!

Lead Sparky through over 100 colorful levels to collect matches and light candles. Use your stylus to select a target, and the little guy will move to it using the shortest route. Time is of the essence so there is a limited number of commands you can issue in each level! As you progress through the levels you will discover many secrets. Don’t be surprised if you stumble across bombs, puddles, treasures, or even dynamite!

Want to try something out of the ordinary? Launch rockets filled with matches into space in a bonus mode. This unique and beautiful game for causal gamers will light a fire in the heart of every puzzle fan!


  • (27/30): "The fact is Candle Route is a true hit for the DSiWare platform, offering a bright and fiery trail of puzzle merriment in a way that's pleasurable, even nostalgic. (...) Candle Route has qualities of a production made by an in-house team at Nintendo, with touches that bear resemblances to Paper Mario, Pikmin, and Yoshi's Island."
  • Family Friendly Gaming (84/100): "All in all Candle Route is a very pleasant experience. (...) [it] will stick with you long after many other games on your Nintendo DSi."
  • NintendoLife (8/10): "Candle Route combines an original premise with a fantastic visual style, two distinct types of gameplay, and a staggering amount of content for a 200 Point DSiWare release. Lighting up Crayon Castle is a labour of love, and puzzle fans will find a lot to love here."
  • eShopGamers (7/10): "The charming visuals, simplistic gameplay and easy controls make this a great time waster when you have say 10-15 minutes to kill. With over 100 levels for you to play and two different modes, this one can keep you busy for quite some time."
  • Nintendo Charged (8/10): "Candle Route is a pretty Great puzzle game; it’s rare to find me playing a puzzle game for more than 5 minutes, and that’s the case with this title. (...) If you love puzzle games then this game is well priced for you to download and try out, at only 200 DSi Points or $1.99 in the eShop."


  • Over 100 colorful levels drawn with crayons
  • Standard mode, Space mode, and Bonus levels!
  • Varied obstacles like bombs, puddles, or a dynamite
  • Many ways to clear a stage!
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • DSiWare
  • Available
  • July 12th 2012
  • Puzzle
You can download this game from the Nintendo DSi Shop™ available on your console.
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Teyon - Candle Route

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