Based on the incredibly popular online game with over 35 million plays!

Crush and destroy enemies with your powerful trebuchet in this vivid 3D edition of the popular Castle Clout game! Only you can unite the empire across the Forest, Frost, Desert, Jungle and Burning Lands and save the kingdom from the Darkness. Boulders, bombs and more blaze through the air to batter walls and topple foes. Choose your weapon and ammo, and release at the right angle to maximize the damage you inflict. Immersive 3D and stunning painted backgrounds plunge you into the action! Conquer over 150 levels, and expand your battle with the "hot seat" multiplayer mode.


  • "Overall Castle Clout 3D is a fun little title worth checking out."
  • Pure Nintendo: "High on content, low on price, Castle Clout 3D is a fun game that'll keep you playing. (...) a much better value for Nintendo fans than the overpriced Angry Birds collections."
  • Classic Game Room: "(...) really fun, really challenging puzzles and they will appeal to anyone who still sinks hours into Angry Birds."
  • eShop Guru: “very fun to see when that single stone makes that huge castle fall in parts, squashing and burning enemies while leaving friends unscratched and confused.”
High on content, low on price, Castle Clout 3D is a fun game that'll keep you playing.


  • Challenge your friends and family in "hot seat" multiplayer mode! Take turns shooting missiles to score points and destroy your opponent’s castle
  • Battle through 150 levels and earn Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies
  • Easy controls keep the game moving—just aim, set and release!
  • 16 stunning, painted backgrounds peopled with unique foes
  • 16 special ammo types
  • Build custom levels
  • Entertaining sound effects
  • Service
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • 3DS/eShop
  • Available
  • Jan 30th 2014
  • Action/Puzzle
Fantasy Violence
ONLY $4.99
Teyon - Castle Clout 3D

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