Welcome to Club Vegas Blackjack, the coolest blackjack in town!

You're always a VIP at Club Vegas! Enjoy hours of fast-paced fun with a variety of blackjack games, including Classic Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack and more.

5 Blackjack Games:
  • Classic: Offers an entertaining combination of luck and skill.
  • Face-Up: Adds an extra twist of strategy with two face-up dealer cards.
  • Single Deck: Blackjack returns to its roots with Single Deck Blackjack.
  • Spanish: The special Spanish deck changes the odds and ramps up the fun.
  • Double Attack Blackjack®: Raise the stakes even higher with a bust bonus side bet! Double your original wager, or place a bust bet on the dealer's hand. It's a high-tension casino favorite.


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  • Oct 6th 2011
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