Create, swish and pop gorgeous 3D bubbles in Crayola Bubbles!

Play a variety of games and activities while learning about colors and discovering new combinations.

Downlod on Android: or iOS:


  • 5 exciting games including Karate Frenzy and Castle Defender!
  • 3 creative activities with galleries, such as Splatter & Draw!
  • Educational fun with color mixing, pattern memorization, and more!
  • Realistic bubbles with liquid physics and beautiful effects!
  • Dozens of Crayola colors, such as Ka-Bluey Blue!
  • Tons of bubble wands with crazy effects, such as the Confetti Wand!
  • Playground free-for-all with discovery and secret unlocks!
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  • Android/Google Store
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  • Oct 9th 2015
  • Edutainment
Teyon - Crayola Bubbles

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