1...2...3...Free fall!

Get the adrenaline flowing as you blast your way through free fall! You'll need quick reflexes to avoid obstacles and take out dangerous enemy forces. The year is 2070. Humanity has taken to the stars, leaving Earth defenseless when alien robots invade. Now Earth's few remaining human inhabitants have formed the Return to Earth Defense Force to rebel against the robot overlords. As part of the elite DropZone Team of the Defense Force, your mission is to sky dive through the alien defenses and deliver vital supplies. Feel the thrill of blasting enemies and dodging obstacles as you free fall towards your jump target.


  • Nintendo Life (8/10): "Drop Zone: Under Fire is a game that does what it says on the tin, and when what's on the tin is as cool as futuristic free-fall, that's high praise. (...) Drop Zone is still well worthy of a spot on your radar, especially if you're after a fun arcade-style experience on the fast waning WiiWare service."


  • Over 100 action-packed levels
  • Free fall parachute simulation
  • Exciting first person perspective
  • Highly detailed city graphics
  • Packed with a variety of obstacles, bonuses, enemies and weapons
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • WiiWare
  • Available
  • Oct 4th 2012
  • Action
Fantasy Violence
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Teyon - Drop Zone: Under Fire

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