The battle for micro-world domination is not over yet!

Escape the Virus, the action puzzle series is back with totally new game-play modes. In the Shooter mode the prey is now the predator. You will chase down and shoot hordes of vicious viruses. It’s time to take the medicine! In Territory mode you will protect certain zones and prevent enemies from getting too close to them. Accumulate enough energy and the zone will disappear giving you more time to smash enemies. Never stop running and dodging to avoid hostile attacks. Use all bonus items, power-ups and ammo and don’t let the enemies surpass you. Get into the ultimate DNA warfare and kick viruses out of the micro-world once and for all!


  • Nintendo Galaxy (8/10): "the game pretty much gives you the simple, goofy gameplay and you’ll find yourself playing for hours!"


  • 2 exciting modes of game-play: Shooter and Territory
  • Use special bonuses such as a vaccine or a life power-up
  • Hectic action to test your reflexes
  • User friendly but challenging game-play
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • DSiWare
  • Available
  • Aug 30th 2012
  • Shooter/Action
Mild Fantasy Violence
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Teyon - Escape the Virus: Shoot'Em Up

©2012 FUN UNIT inc. O-TWO inc. Licensed to and published by Teyon.


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