Keep your body in good shape without even leaving home!

This virtual coach program will allow you to exercise without leaving home and paying for a gym. It’s simple, you just need to plug a special mat to your computer. In minutes you can start losing weight, working on your stamina or even your agility.

Our training program combines the best elements of aerobics, jogging and gymnastics. It is fun and is easily adjustable to suit your needs. You can also try one of our special trainings, each focusing on different goals. Whenever you want, you can check various statistics concerning your training and measure your progress and condition.

My Fitness can also be played as a game, thanks to the built-in party mode which allows you to compete with friends as well as the additional puzzle games designed for a mat. So don't hesitate and start your training today!


  • 3 training profiles (Coordination, Condition, Losing Weight)
  • Aerobics: 15 moves combined in many sets coordinated to the rhythm of the music
  • Gymnastics: includes exercises such as stretching, jump rope and sit-ups
  • Jogging: 5 routes of diverse length and 3 modes of run
  • Quick Game & Party modes available,  besides normal training
  • Detailed statistics on each training
  • Intuitive controls with a dance mat
  • Additional games for a dance mat
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • PC
  • Available
  • 2009
  • Sports/Fitness
Teyon - My Fitness

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