Make your hotel the best in the land!

Build gift shops, restaurants, vet offices, play enclosures and more to accommodate pets and their owners. As you expand your hotel and earn more money, you can add more rooms and amenities for pet owners. Adjust the prices for rooms, food and souvenirs to maximize profits and occupancy. Feed your animal guests, take them to the vet and teach them tricks to earn extra money! Add upgrades to keep occupancy high and guests happy!


  • Toy Upgrades for your guest pets
  • Food for Pets
  • Hotel furniture, rooms, and decoration upgrades
  • Increase Room Capacity for guest pets
  • Repairs & Maintenance on the Pet Hotel
  • Advertising to bring in more guest pets
  • Service
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • Mac/Mac App Store
  • Available
  • Oct 1st 2010
  • Simulation
Teyon - Pet Hotel Tycoon

Teyon - Logo

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