Skate your way to the top in the furriest four-wheel action ever!

Ride the streets with Ollie, the sleekest cat on the block and put your reflexes to the test as you make spectacular tricks in the air to collect scrumptious treats and fleeing stray cats. Skate faster and faster as you lead the clowder and keep them keen with a topped up supply of treats! The addition of StreetPass™ and SpotPass™ will allow you to exchange best times and ghost runs with other players and the game makers themselves! With over 25 levels to complete, 90 medals to collect plus bonus in-game features to unlock, you’ll be purring with so much excitement!


  • Pocket Gamer: "Skater Cat is definitely fun"
  • Nintendo Charged: "it’s crazy addicting and for a good price"
  • What's Your Tag Blog: "Skater Cat is a solild little casual game"
  • Reviews by Shane: "This is a great game for pick-up and play."
  • Game Podunk: "Skater Cat is a cute game that is fun in short bursts"


  • 3 worlds with over 25 levels to complete and 90 medals to collect!
  • Exciting in-game bonuses to unlock including the ability to play as your Mii™!
  • StreetPass™ included to exchange best times and ghost runs with other Skater Cat players
  • Receive news updates and available ghost runs from the game makers via SpotPass™
  • An awesome pick up and play action game!
  • Service
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • 3DS/eShop
  • Available
  • Mar 27th 2014
  • Action
Mild Fantasy Violence
ONLY $4.99
Teyon - Skater Cat

©2014 FUN UNIT inc. O-TWO inc. Licensed to and published by Teyon.


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