Explore the exciting world of fashion and become the best trendsetter ever!

Step into the fashion world as Lilly from an advertising agency. Decide what's in and out, help her prepare stunning outfits and hairstyles. Make Lilly successful in this special casual game which combines Hidden Object and fashion.

Lilly works as a creative director. Her duties consume most of her free time and there is not much time left for her passions. She loves shopping and designing her own fashion creations. Lilly's job and lifestyle requires frequent changes to her outfit. Depending on the type of party she is invited to, she has to adjust what she wears. This requires a lot of fashion knowledge and a bit of reflex because she doesn't have much time for shopping.

The composition of the various parts of Lilly's outfit depends on her taste, but some bounds of the style have to be preserved. It is very important in Lilly's job to be well received, so she must try really hard to look as perfect as possible.


  • Story centered around the fashion world
  • Great shopping center with 9 stores available
  • 450 various clothes and accessories available (bags, dresses, shirts, jackets and many other)
  • Hairdressing, make-up, jewellery and other beauty games
  • Special contests like fashion show or drink creation
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • PC/Mac
  • Available
  • 2009
  • Hidden Object
Teyon - Weekend Party: Fashion Show
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