Use magic to cast spells and defend your kingdom from evil!

Once upon a time in the enchanted land of wizards and sorceresses, a battle began to brew. Hordes of dreadful monsters approached the kingdom and to save their home, brave magicians set out to war. Cast spells against monsters, perform combos and destroy them once and for all! Keep monsters as far as possible from your castle and smash all obstacles. As the game progresses the monsters will become more and more challenging. To destroy the most powerful opponents gather more magic and perform a Magical Explosion! This amazing blend of match-3 and defense will have you spell-bound for eternity!


  • Family Friendly Gaming: "It is an interesting mixing of genres that can reach a wide array of gamers."
  • Darkain Arts: "For just $1.99 (or 200 points on DSiWare) the game is worth the money and is a nice twist on the standard ‘connect three like items and make them dissapear’ genre"


  • Special enchanting spells to create powerful attacks
  • Various monsters and obstacles to keep you constantly immersed in puzzling action
  • Adjustable pace and difficulty level to suit all players
  • Never-ending magical entertainment in Endless mode
  • Unique blend of match-3 and defense
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • DSiWare
  • Available
  • Dec 27th 2012
  • Action/Puzzle
Mild Fantasy Violence
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Teyon - Wizard Defenders
©2012 FUN UNIT inc. O-TWO inc. Licensed to and published by Teyon.
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