Bird Mania 3D update

April 18th 2013


Krakow, POLAND – Bird Mania’s upcoming iOS release on April 25, created a lot of interest and inquiries from the Nintendo 3DS™ community requesting more of Bird Mania in the Nintendo eShop. Today Teyon confirmed an upcoming update to Bird Mania 3D.

“We have received many positive reactions from fans of the Nintendo 3DS title with them wanting more of Bird Mania. As we continue to strongly support Nintendo platforms we have decided to release a significant update to the original Bird Mania 3D”, said Mateusz Makowiec, Teyon’s CMO.

Details will be unveiled later in the year. For all news regarding Bird Mania follow the official page:


About Bird Mania

Bird Mania, a fast paced endless aerial runner is an original development by Polish developer, Teyon. It was first released in May 2012 on Nintendo 3DS, reaching number 1 in the Nintendo eShop charts. The game revolves around the bird Mojo and his endless journey to Africa where he flies through scenic landscapes dodging perilous objects and collecting multitudes of bonuses. The game has been improved and enhanced and will be released worldwide on iOS this April.