Master the art of flying

Kraków, May  1st 2012

Teyon, a video games developer and digital publisher, revealed today the upcoming Nintendo 3DS™ release available only through Nintendo eShop™. Bird Mania 3D, a skill-based action game, will be launched in North America on May 3rd 2012 for only $1.99! In the same month the game will also be published in the PAL region. Beware, it’s totally addictive!

When Mojo realizes his friends from the flock set out to Africa for a vacation, he begins a frantic chase to join them! Fly faster and faster, dash, soar, glide, and collect all bonuses. How far can you get in pursuit of a delightful vacation?  Bird Mania 3D is a skill-based action game where you steer a little birdie on his way to Africa. Keep him out of trouble as long as possible and beat your best score! You will be hypnotized for long hours while trying to collect all bonuses and avoid obstacles. And if you really want to perfect the art of flying, try to get all the achievements.


•    Great graphics combining 3D effect and hand-drawn images
•    Over 20 achievements and extra bonuses to unlock
•    Instantly addictive game-play: fly, dash and collect!
•    Easy to use interface and controls
•    High score tracking


Visit Teyon’s official YouTube Channel to watch the official trailer of the game.
Also, check out Bird Mania 3D site at