Must-have for fans of purrs

Kraków, May  1st 2012


Teyon, a video games developer and digital publisher, and FUN UNIT, a Japanese developer of casual games, are proud to announce the release of Cat Frenzy, the adorable slide & match puzzle. The game will be released in Europe on May 3rd 2012, and will be soon followed by the North American release. Save the kittens in over 101 levels of challenging fun and two special modes for only 200 Nintendo DSi Points™ on Nintendo DSiWare™ and € 2,- on Nintendo eShop™.
Little kittens are trapped in a well, and it’s all up to you to figure out how to get them out of trouble! This adorable and relaxing puzzle introduces totally new twists to the popular slide and match-3 mechanics and, of course, lots of cats. Slide rows or columns of cute, cuddly cats until you create a chain of three or more cats of the same kind to pull them out of the well. The game features Mission and Quick-play modes combined with 140 levels and explains all the rules in a quick tutorial. The Mission mode provides new challenging objectives in each level such as clear the board with only one slide, pull out all shining cats, and make a six-cat chain reaction. You need to accomplish the objective in order to advance to the next level. The Quick-play mode is all about beating your high score, and there are no restrictions on how to play. Just remember that longer chains can trigger funny bonuses and score you more points. The game will involve you in hours of blasting fun, even if you are not a cat person!


    You will find them yawning, moving their eyes about, and doing all sorts of lovable things. It is soothing just to look at.
    Just slide rows or columns of cats to make chains. With a quick tutorial and a hint button you will never feel lost.
    Beat your high score, use combos and bonuses to your advantage.
    Over 101 levels of absorbing challenges in two modes of game-play.

Visit Teyon’s official YouTube Channel to watch the official trailer of the game.
Also, check out Cat Frenzy site at


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