Restore peace to shores

Kraków, August 10th 2012


Teyon, a video games developer and digital publisher, is proud to announce that it has recently united forces with phenomedia publishing gmbh, one of German most successful software publishers,  to bring the extremely popular Crazy Chicken franchise with over 15 millions of players  worldwide to Nintendo platforms. Crazy Chicken Pirates will hit the North American Nintendo eShop and Nintendo DSiWare™ this month on August 16th. The games will be available for just $1.99 and 200 Nintendo DSi Points™ respectively.

The splendor and the beauty of the Chicken Island would make it an ideal vacation spot - if it weren't for those pirates. A one-legged captain, a gunner, a cutlass-wielding chicken and a treasure hunter... the island is home to countless perils, hidden extras and mysteries. The lords of the island are by no means willing to surrender themselves and their treasure without a fight. Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D is a point & shoot action game where you take aim at birds as they scurry through the island and plunge bravely into the waves for a desperate counterattack. You only have 90 seconds to complete your raid by slaying pirates and collecting all hidden treasures.


  •  Action fun for all ages
  •  Beautiful hand-drawn graphics providing 3D effects
  •  Plenty of hidden coins, jewels and skulls to find
  •  Easy to master game-play: just point and shoot!
  •  High score list

Visit Teyon’s official YouTube Channel to watch the official trailer of the game.


The official website of Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D for Nintendo 3DS is available here and the site of Crazy Chicken Pirates for Nintendo DSiWare can be found here.


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