Teyon & Pixel Toys in JP

June 25th 2013


Krakow, POLAND – Pixel Toys, UK games developer alongside Teyon Japan, a Japanese publishing subsidiary of Polish games developer and publisher, Teyon are proud to announce the collaborated release of Pixel Toy’s Nintendo 3DSTM hit, Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo on the Japanese Nintendo eShop tomorrow.

Andy Wafer, CEO of Pixel Toys: “We're extremely excited to find out how our game will be received by the Japanese Nintendo community. It's great that we're now able to bring Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo to a market that often proves challenging to enter.”


“Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo is a definite star and we cannot wait to see how it will fair in Japan”, added Mateusz Makowiec, CMO of Teyon.


Teyon is one of few western publishers licensed by Nintendo® of Japan to publish and distribute games on Nintendo eShop in Japan. With their Japanese subsidiary and in-house localization capabilities, Teyon Japan has successfully released 15 Nintendo eShop games up to date, both from third party developers and their own self-developed titles.


Nintendo 3DS is a trademark of Nintendo. © 2011 Nintendo.


About Pixel Toys

Pixel Toys is a shiny new developer and publisher of handheld, mobile and tablet games founded in 2012 and based in Warwick, UK. Pixel Toys mission is to use the expert skills provided by its team of hardy games industry veterans to put the best playing and best looking games on your personal screens.



About Teyon Japan

A subsidiary of Polish games developer and publisher Teyon (www.teyon.com), Teyon Japan G.K. is a licensed Nintendo Japanese publisher. Teyon Japan has so far released 15 games on Nintendo eShop in Japan both from third party developers as well as self-developed titles. Founded in 2006, Teyon has released over 100 games using proprietary cross-platform technology. The company currently employs over 70 personnel spanned across all 3 office locations including Tokyo, Japan, Krakow and Lodz, Poland.