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Sea Battle

Hidden in the untamed ocean awaits an enemy ready to attack. Launch strikes and counter-strikes with missiles and powerful torpedoes to locate and submerge your enemy’s entire fleet in this new rendition of the classic paper and pencil game, Battleship.
Platform: DS/DSiWare
Status: Available
Release Date: Apr 24th 2013
Genre: Puzzle

1001 Touch Games

Choose games from categories hidden object puzzles, match games, sports, pinball, card game challenges, word problems and more! 1001 Touch Games brings you the best collection of "pick-up-and-play" touch games available, all with full stylus control!
Platform: DS
Status: Available
Release Date: Sep 5th 2011
Genre: Puzzle/Arcade

Vampire Mansion - A Linda Hyde Mystery

Get on the magnetic hidden object adventure in the world of vampires and help Linda Hyde solve the mystery of the rare manuscripts! Explore dangerous places, encounter dim characters and come face to face with vampires!

Platform: PC/DS
Status: Available
Release Date: Mar 9th 2011
Genre: Adventure/Hidden Object

Mini Golf Resort DS

Welcome to the most amazing minigolf resort ever on Nintendo DS! Enjoy a combination of real golf rules and minigolf fun as you shoot the ball through pipes, up extreme ramps and obstacles towards the hole!

Platform: DS
Status: Available
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Sports/Family Games

Florist Shop

Help Rose to open a small flower business downtown and aim to run the most successful shop in the city. The game combines the match-3-principle with exciting time management-fun and 80 levels to complete!

Platform: DS
Status: Available
Release Date: Jun 29th 2010
Genre: Match-3/Time Management

101 Dino Pets DS

Now 101 Dino Pets is also available on Nintendo DS™! Use the DS stylus to interact with your pet as your dino becomes your new best friend. There are 101 dinos waiting for you to adopt and love!

Platform: DS
Status: Available
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Simulation