Set off on the quest to reunite with the beloved goddess!

Travel to ancient Greece to relieve a beautiful tale of romance in this exciting Hidden Object Adventure. Theron, a modest hunter deeply in love with the goddess Artemis, has to overcome all obstacles standing in their way to happiness.

Get on a journey with Theron across the worlds of mighty gods to finally reach Mount Olympus and to prove that he deserves to be with the goddess. Explore gorgeous locations and watch as this amazing and breathtaking story unfolds!


  • Explore the beautiful world of Ancient Greece
  • Addictive HO game-play providing hours of fun
  • Solve all mini-games and puzzles
  • Collect and use all special items
  • Unreveal the love story featuring famous characters like Zeus, Aristotele, Daedalus and Athena
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • Android
  • Available
  • Feb 18th 2016
  • Adventure/Hidden Object
Teyon - Beyond the Legend: Mysteries of Olympus
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